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African Mango Seed Extract - Pomegranate Extract - Organic Ganoderma Extract
What better accompaniment to the sunrise than the ritual of morning coffee. The very aroma quickens the senses and delivers the message, “It’s a brand new day!” Alone or in good company the taste for morning brew is coveted in cultures around the world. Can such a perfect pleasure be improved upon? Yes, it can with Nuvia, the healthier café.

Nuvia is Sumatran Arabica coffee infused with a trifecta of legendary ingredients; the extracts of Ganoderma, ECGC and Pomegranate. The Sumatran coffee beans are roasted to perfection yielding a superior flavor that is rustic, yet rich and full bodied.

Ganoderma, ECGC and Pomegranate are renown in recent clinical studies. News regarding their health benefits is the subject of wide spread media buzz. See for yourself the benefits of this amazing healthy coffee.

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